Meet The Team

Michael Glover

Managing Director/Presenter

Michael is the Managing Director and Head Presenter.  He started Radio WOW after working for another station before later deciding to make the big leap and start a station of his very own. Michael or Myk, as he likes to be known,  has always loved music from a young age, he could always be found singing somewhere. He is very passionate about music, that when he was young, every summer he and his next door neighbour would always do a show where they sang songs for fun.

Michael likes to keep up to date with new artists & chart hits.


Kieran Newman

Head Presenter

Kieran is the main presenter at Radio WOW UK,  behind Myk, of course. He is an aspiring actor whose use of accents, voices and other talents that gained our attention to him, and so we asked him “what better way is there to get your name out there than on radio?” Myk is glad that Kieran is part of the team as he can trust him to get on with presenting while Myk deals with the day to day running of Radio WOW UK.

Edward Farrimond


Edward is the administrator for Radio WOW, Myk will go to Ed for advice on how the station should look from the R in Radio all the way down to the last little dot on social media.

Matthew Lloyd

Presenter/Website Design/Website Hosting

Matt is one of our presenters who can be found doing our late night shows. He is also helping to keep the website up to date. Myk and Matt go way back. They became friends years ago by all accounts when Myk was a regular customer at the store that Matt worked at. Couple of conversations later and they became best of friends.

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